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Twenty-five; in my life so far I've lived in a magical beautiful country, only to of been brought to England, I've been around the world, I've experienced a 32 hour flight from my hometown to were I live now, I've lived threw a divorce of my parents, I've sat and watched my dad dwindle down to a zombie-esque nature before being taken from me, I've had my heart broken before my very eyes, I've had my freedom by living away from home, I've needed protecting, I've loved with all my heart, I've been foolish & dumb, I've made mistakes & have but only 2 regrets.. From this, I face the next obsticles with a strong heart, mended from the hurt i've faced, I greet parenthood with a gleaming smile & am welcoming to the new experiences I will incurr with my new family. I'm ready for whatever the world can throw at me! I will instil all my great attributes and qualities into my daughter and shape her to be a bright future for tomorrow. :) ♥
~ Wednesday, March 28 ~


Chris & I went for a walk around Newstead park today.
Weather was amazing & we got chased by pesky swans for trying to take photos of them.
We kept hiding from the grounds keepers because we hadn’t paid to get in, I got stuck on a ruddy swinging donkey thing & Chris just stood there bout wetting himself with laughter, we conquered our very own castle & pretended we were in LOTR’s, all in all.. Fucking amazingly perfect day out with the boyfriend .. :)

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